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This webinar held in late September 2016 provides more background and detail, and presents the opportunity nicely. However, you should know this is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is a LOT more to this company than just the trading platform that you will learn in due time if you become a member.

I would highly suggest going through the entire webinar – It’s about 1 hour in length, and I’ve provided some timestamps below the video if you want to jump to something to review.

This webinar was hosted by an acquaintance of mine – Wayne, and the presenter is none other than the US Regional Manager for Hop2it, Alistair Kildey.

The video background for this webinar is simply Wayne scrolling through some of the Hop2it related websites. Of primary importance is the audio presentation by Alistair in this webinar.

This is an unlisted video on YouTube so DO NOT share without permission.

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00:00 Introduction – Alistair Kilday – US Regional Manager for Hop2it
4 Key Points: Credibility, Relevance, Value and How to Get Involved
01:18 Credibility
01:29 Concept was born in 1999
06:07 Is this real? Do you need more due diligence than MasterCard?
09:01 What if I don’t join today? (Proceeds will be less, Membership Cost will rise.)
09:50 Relevance – Make Money While Helping Others
10:06 Demand for Infant Formula in China is GROWING.
15:05 For 20 years America has been buying FROM China. Now it’s time to actually turn the tables!
15:31 Introducing “Disruptive” Technology
16:19 Example of how Hop2it can help manufacturers who never dreamed of selling in China or other countries. (WeChat)
18:50 Is this trading platform something for you? Alistair explains the Trading Platform.
19:37 Black Opal – Sample Trade Example
21:10 Platinum – Sample Trade Example
23:53 Internet enabled Trade Platform! (Envision the lifestyle!)
24:14 Now you’ve made money, how do you get paid?
25:57 Why this platform? Why Hop2it is bringing this opportunity to others. (Crowdfunding concept!)
27:33 The business of acquiring customers.
29:28 How to get involved. (Platinum and Black Opal levels described.)
32:42 Understanding Margins
33:32 Example of Future Projects
33:57 Exit Strategy (Golden Handshake)
37:28 Jet.com Example
38:26 Q&A Starts
38:31 Payment Options to Join
39:54 Q: Will I be contacted after submitting application?
41:36 Upgrading from Platinum to Black Opal
42:34 Path from Platinum to Black Opal
43:04 Why NOW is the best time. Trust and “First Mover” advantages.
44:13 At this point in the Q&A someone asked about “why” you would want an exit strategy.
44:22 Alistair, misunderstanding the question, gives yet another great explanation of the trading platform, trading margins, and why Hop2it pays us so well.
45:41 Wayne clarifies the original question.
45:59 Alistair now explains more about WHY to have an “Exit Strategy”, etc.
47:39 More future plans revealed by Alistair – Financial Services to the Medical Marijuana industry!
48:39 Q: Can you add more money at any time (to your Float)?
A: Yes
48:51 Q: Can you withdraw profits and place more trades with original principal (Float)?
A: Yes
49:05 Q: Time investment needed?
50:23 Q: Any need to talk with anyone or work with anyone during a trade?
A: No, but Alistair explains further potential regarding trades.
51:37 Q: Are trades insured?
52:29 How does Hop2it compete with major trading houses?
Alistair talks about Financial Services with China. (Impressive!)
53:38 Q: Can we be more proactive to find additional commodities to trade?
A: Yes, Alistair explains how.
54:25 My favorite question (and response from Wayne and Alistair) – Can you make a living with this?
54:50 Alistair tells the story about his initial spreadsheet that he’s never shown again because the results were to incredible (but TRUE).
56:52 Story from Alistair about a cereal from Australia they can’t keep in stock because of the demand in China. (There could be a lot of demand for a lot of products in China!)
58:59 Last question – Can Hop2it replace your income!? YES.

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Email: garyncramer@gmail.com
Phone: 360-909-0723
Skype: fmshub