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Gary Cramer here, and WELCOME!

Thank you so much for your interest in at least taking a look at this opportunity. I can assure you it will be well worth it. Whatever you are doing at this moment, I implore you to take the next hour or so to concentrate on this. Grab your favorite drink, block out all distractions, and review this thoroughly! I’ll be providing you information, documents, links on the company and a webinar you just MUST watch!

Something has come across my desk that is so unique and so lucrative that I wanted to share it with others while the opportunity is still available. You may NEVER have an opportunity quite like this one again, but it can’t remain open forever. Once this company reaches the amount of members it needs, and all units are given out, the doors will shut, and you will lose the opportunity to become a part of this forever.

Let me start by saying this is NOT your “typical” opportunity.

In terms of so-called “opportunities” I’m sure you may have seen them all, and I’m about to show you this is very different!

This is NOT Network Marketing, MLM, Stocks, Bonds or Forex.
This is NO shady, unethical “High Yield Investment Program”.
This has NOTHING to do with pills, potions, or products you personally have to sell and purchase for yourself every month.
This has NOTHING to do with creating, owning and running a Shopify store or any other type of eCommerce store.
There is No Selling, No Inventory, No Employees, No “Sponsoring” Others is even necessary.

None of that!

I have to be honest with you – I spend a lot of time researching, “high-yield investments” (HYIP’s), product-driven MLM or Network Marketing companies, Cryptocurrencies and most other “opportunities” presented to me and I usually have success at growing and building or selling the product, service or venture although typically many times require leverage of introducing with other people to increase odds of success, this is great although not for everyone. Now, I have chosen to add a very unique position with a company to my portfolio for another solid long term passive income and I did not hesitate to join as a Black Pearl, I want you to have some same opportunity to decide.

What I have added in the last few years is a lot of legitimate ways to make an income or at least some good money on the side – Forex (Foreign Exchange), Stocks, Options, Small Business Consulting, eCommerce, etc. To be honest, most people do not have the money, time, or network to succeed at them..

Along came Hop2it to add to my portfolio of opportunities where I do not need to build a large network to profit passively & succeed and neither do you.

Even if you are committed to another opportunity, a job, or even a business, you should still check this out.

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income, or to replace your income completely, or a way to just leave the rat race altogether, you should take a look!
Even if you think you don’t have time for something else, you NEED to check this out!

This is what I like to term a “Job Killer” or “Time Freedom” I can help you with by inviting you to review Hop2it and consider being on the seat as a Platinum or Black Pearl member.

This opportunity offers a PASSIVE, nearly unlimited income potential spending only a few hours each month. Yes only a few hours per month most likely sitting on your New Yacht.

NO big time commitment, and this can provide an income beyond what you ever thought was possible without ever leaving or stopping what you are currently doing (even though you may want to!).

An idea and business model that was 17+ years in the making.

This entire business is built on success, trust and long-term business relationships.

Hop2it opened in 2010, and has now opened the door to private individuals like you and myself to profit from an export business utilizing recently created Free Trade Agreements. Most notably, the Free Trade Agreement drafted last year between Australia and China. This is one of those pinch yourself to be invited at this stage and actually get the opportunity to participate with at this direct level for the long term regarding Free Trade Agreements between countries, especially China.

Would you like to be a part of a CHANGING World!? As an example, Hop2it has already reversed the paradigm of buying FROM China. You can now be a part of selling and exporting high quality, high demand, high margin commodities and raw materials TO China! But it doesn’t stop there! Hop2it has pre-existing relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers, etc. that you will be able to utilize on the Hop2it trading platform allowing you to take part in these exciting trades that will be happening all around the globe, and take part in the proceeds!

You see, this seat on the Hop2it Trading Platform will allow you to run a truly global, offshore business from anywhere in the world, using cutting edge technology to take part in orchestrated trades created by Hop2it. You just pick what trade(s) you’re interested in, take part, and PROFIT. It really is that easy.

This is quite possibly the most intriguing opportunity that will ever come across your desk. Very seldom will you ever see returns like this offered by any business with this kind of planning, business model, legitimacy and longevity.

Do you want to join me, and be a part of this incredible journey?

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Gary Cramer
Email: garyncramer@gmail.com
Phone: 360-909-0723
Skype: fmshub