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Thank you for taking the next step to get more details on this opportunity. This shows me that you are serious, and that is what I’m looking for.

So what is this all about?

Is this real?

Am I full of hype?

After going through all the information here, I hope you come to the same conclusion I have – that no matter how hard to believe this is, no matter how hard you have to pinch yourself to realize you’re not dreaming – this is as real as it gets.


Let’s get right to the core of what this opportunity is about!

Hop2it is an international exporting company that connects sellers and buyers through Free Trade Agreements.

One of their core projects is working with an Australian manufacturer of Infant Milk Formula and exporting it to China! The recent Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China has made this possible. We even know of an individual that has personally visited Nature One Dairy in Australia, and has been very impressed.

The EXCITING part? For the first time ever, private individuals are being offered a seat at the table of international commodities trading!

Hop2it is utilizing the principle of Crowdfunding to have the funds necessary to consummate these deals. By utilizing the Hop2it Trading Platform (through their own proprietary software) you are able to easily participate in the exporting of commodities between countries with Free Trade Agreements. These are existing agreements and relationships with buyers and sellers that Hop2it has established that you will be able to utlizie. The use of the Hop2it Trading Platform will provide significant financial gain for YOU and Hop2it. You provide the trading float to acquire product from manufacturers, we cut out the middleman, sell directly to end buyers and everyone profits. A truly Win:Win:Win proposition for all involved.

Have you ever dreamed of your own international business without borders that can be run from anywhere in the world!?
Hop2it’s simple to use trading software platform allows just that! Quite literally, this is a global business that can be run from your smartphone with full training included on how to execute the trades.

Not only can you take part in the trading of commodities and consumables, but there will also be opportunities for Financial Services available through Hop2it, exporting raw materials, part ownership of manufacturing facilities, and MUCH MORE.

Here’s a partial list of BENEFITS by getting involved with Hop2it:

  • Monthly returns that significantly exceed normal trading expectations.
  • Each trader is in control their own funds and trading account; and in choosing when to trade and when not too.
  • A recession proof global business enterprise with lifetime trading potential that is willable and inheritable.
  • Each trade is verified, fully vetted, and ready to execute prior to your involvement, assuring the highest level of security and successful execution through our system.
  • Trading opportunities of high demand, high-quality, competitively priced food and beverage commodities that are sold to the massive populations of China and Asia.
  • Partnering with Hop2it as it introduces a new paradigm for global trade.
  • Trading member positions come with a global, “non-bank”, e-Wallet that enables you to transact business in up to 32 currencies across some of the world’s most difficult borders.
  • Your trading proceeds will be loaded into this e-Wallet.
  • Your own debit card/credit card attached to the e-Wallet that will allow you to withdraw funds, use it as a MasterCard or wire funds to any account in the world.
  • Work with Hop2it functioning as a “tier-2” reseller for MasterCard in Mainland China. This is one of the first ever to enter the previously closed $6.8 trillion Chinese card transaction market.
  • Hop2it is a global business based in Hong Kong with infrastructure in the USA and Australia, and principles from around the world.
  • A Unit in Hop2it will be gifted to you. INCREDIBLE! (Be sure to ask me about this!)

Cost of Entry

There are two types of membership in Hop2it.

Both include the following:

  • A Trading Seat on the Platform
  • Aerapay International e-Wallet Account
  • Hop2it MasterCard Linked to Your Aerapay Account
  • Full Training on the Industry and the Trading Platform
  • Hop2It Unit (Gifted to You) (Black Opal = Full Unit, Platinum = 1/10 Unit)
  • Trading Float (Funds to be used for trading)

The entry level position, Platinum, is currently priced at $2,650 USD (until further notice)
The membership cost is $650, and the $2,000 will be your Trade Float

The top position, Black Opal, is currently $12,500 USD (until further notice)
This covers the membership cost of $2,500, and allows $10,000 as your Trade Float

Multiple payment options are available to secure a position including Bitcoin.


Truth be told, if you go through this entire website you may experience an “information overload”. Although I’ve provided a lot of information, don’t allow yourself to think this is too complex, or too time consuming to get involved. This is a simple business that can be done in a short amount of time. It’s perfect for anyone that just wants to add some passive income to their financial life, without taking a lot of time out or your present commitments. It doesn’t have to interfere or detract from anything you are currently doing. As a matter of fact, this may prove to be just the opposite. This may afford you the type of lifestyle you truly crave, and the time you want to spend with your family and kids! This may allow you to actually forget about all the stress and frustrations and work-related time hogs in your life, and start living!

I’d also like to point out that Hop2it is about as transparent as you can get with an opportunity. I’m providing an abundant amount of company links and information which should leave very little doubt as to the authenticity and credibility of the offer. Just listen to the webinar, and tell my if you agree that Alistair Kildey is as smart and genuine as they come.

You have been invited to a very lucrative, chance of a lifetime business. It’s now up to you to decide.

If you’d like to get involved today, please read the NEXT STEPS:

Next Steps

After reviewing all the information at this invitation only website just contact me and either I or someone in the upper management of Hop2it will answer all your questions THOROUGHLY.

This is rare opportunity to enter into a world of high level commodities trading without needing any skills or special expertise.

You will spend a few minutes a week to decide which deals to jump on according to your interests. If you can log in and do online banking or check your email, then you can do this.

Time is of the essence due to the attractiveness of this offer.

  1. Review this website! You’ll find links in the sidebar on the right. The Webinar is where you should visit next.
  2. Print and Read the PDF documents thoroughly.
  3. Consider which package suits you (if any).
  4. Ensure you can manage the investment without stretching your finances.
  5. Contact me, Mike Rudie, and you may be put in touch with someone directly from Hop2it if warranted.
  6. Get all your questions answered!
  7. Make a decision.
  8. Fill out an APPLICATION for Black Opal or Platinum to get started.
  9. Take action if you are going for it. You will work directly with the company management every step of the way after that point.

Gary Cramer
Email: garyncramer@gmail.com
Phone: 360-909-0723
Skype: fmshub