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I’ve combined some frequently asked questions along with some highlights I wanted to share about Hop2it. A lot of this can be found in the Webinar presentation, but there are some key points here that are worth listening to again.

These audio clips are directly from Alistair Kildey, the US Regional Manager for Hop2it.

Credibility – Is This Real?

Obviously, this whole opportunity sounds too good to be true. Well, the shining example of credibility is when you’ve passed the “due diligence” of MasterCard and other premium Merchant Services!

      MasterCard's Due Diligence
      Payment Options to Join

Why and How

One of the common questions I get is “WHY” does Hop2it even offer this opportunity with the trading platform, and also “HOW” can they pay us so much?

The answer lies in a principle called Crowdfunding.
Hop2it needs the funds to purchase these large quantities of wholesale products to resell. They don’t want to go to the banks (Alistair explains why), so they came up with this idea to let others get involved and profit handsomely. By understanding the margins available, you’ll realize it’s very feasible while making a nice profit for US and also Hop2it, and also providing quality product at good prices! A perfect example of Hop2it’s philosophy of Win:Win:Win.

      Why Does Hop2it Offer A Lucrative Trading Platform?
      Understanding The Margins

The Trading Platform

At the core of this opportunity in front of you is the International Trading Platform. It’s truly the one thing that sets this offering apart. With it, you’ll have the ability to trade anywhere around the world on any internet enabled device you’d like.

One of the common questions is, “Will I be able to use this platform?” I certainly believe so. Although very powerful, you’ll receive the training you’ll need to learn and use the Trading Platform, and possibly replace your current income with it!

Here is Alistair explaining how much it is to become a Platinum or Black Opal Member, and an awesome example of a Milk Trade with China:

      Platinum and Black Opal Levels and Milk Trade Example
      Black Opal Trades Explained Further
      Platinum Trades Explained Further

This next highlight is one of my favorite’s when Alistair expands on the Trading Platform again. He discusses the Trading Platform, the margins, why they NEED us to invest in trades and how/why Hop2it is willing to pay us so well via the trades:

      More On The Trading Platform, Margins, And Paying Us So Well

During the Q&A session, Alistair was asked about the “time involvement” of the Trading Platform. He pokes fun a bit at the amount of time you’ll need on the Trading Platform, but the point is it will be very addictive, but not take much of your time! Listen for more:

      Time Investment For The Trading Platform

In this next question, someone has asked if the opportunity with Hop2it and the Trading Platform can “provide a living”. I love the answer from Wayne and Alistair, and then Alistair expands on a story about his realization of how powerful the income opportunity actually is:

      Can This Provide A Living?

What is your “Dream Lifestyle”? Here’s Alistair’s take on it:

      Trading Platform - The Dream Lifestyle

Now that you’ve made money in this “True Offshore Business”, HOW do you get paid?

      I've Made Money - How Do I Get Paid?

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