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For more reference, I wanted to share some links that are related to Hop2it.

I’m posting these links so you can see this is a REAL company that you have a very privileged opportunity to become involved with. There should be no doubt after looking over these sites that you have found a true gem in the quagmire of other hyped up dreams and unfulfilled promises.

You have finally found it!

You will find links to become involved in the “Affiliate” side of the business below at one of the Hop2it sites, but if you’d like to get involved in this opportunity, please work through me, and not the Hop2it site for Affiliates.

Gary Cramer
Email: garyncramer@gmail.com
Phone: 360-909-0723
Skype: fmshub

Hop2it Exports provides information on the export side of their business: http://hop2itexports.com/

Hop2it International is their corporate site that provides general information on the company: http://www.hop2it.net/

Hop2it Sellers Club gives manufacturers of various products the ability to utilize these Free Trade Agreements, and sell where they never thought possible before: http://www.hop2it.club/

Hop2it Affiliate Program provides information on the potential proceeds you can earn utilizing the trading platform within Hop2it. (Please don’t join via the links on this site. For optimal placement, involvement and strategy work through me!) http://hop2it.money/

China Direct Milk provides some great information on one of Hop2it’s core businesses: http://www.chinadirectmilk.com

The Australian manufacturer that Hop2it is working with on the Milk Trade is Nature One Dairy. This is an EXISTING relationship, and Hop2it already has these agreements in place, and actually already have stock of tins of Infant Formula from Nature One Dairy ready for export into China!