Welcome to Gary Cramer Marketing Group

My name is Gary Cramer; I am an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and coach and have been in the home based business for over 20 years.

I recall as a young boy starting my first lemonade stand when I was only 5 years old and going door-to-door asking  to mow the neighbor’s yard for $3 when I could barely push a lawn mower; you remember the ones you pushed with the rotating blades in the front. At this young age I felt good earning my own money by helping serve others and giving them what they wanted.

Currently, and for many years, I have focused my efforts on helping other families and businesses succeed. I specialize in marketing, contracts, negotiations, team building, leadership, online systems, training and keeping a keen focus on cutting edge product, service or disruptive technologies that create a time sensitive ability to grab market share before anyone else. In many cases, it does come down to who you know and willingness to have an open mind!

So, over the last 20 years, I have been working and doing business mainly online, because of the convenience of communication and ability to grow a business very rapidly worldwide. It is much easier to build a customer base faster and offer your products and services to them with a click of a button; although, it’s important to realize that it takes more time to earn the trust and loyalty of an online customer or business partner, as opposed to growing up with someone for most of you life, who already knows and trusts you. When you share or invite them to learn more about your services or business opportunity, they will tend to listen intently and move quicker to a decision with you to either buy or join. I choose to utilize both options in my business.

My experience has taken me into the industries of market research, finance, travel, direct sales, network marketing, cryptocurrencies, forex trading along with add-on services or tools for business to help them expand and leverage their time. I have currently researched out hundreds of companies in the home-based business arena so that I could help other families earn money, while building a foundation for an additional income stream. I find extraordinary opportunities and serious tme researching numerous opportunities I narrow down to the very best and many of them very passive and actually pay the kind of money that families want and need, In partnering up with me increases your odds for success.

I work to help, build & support a growing team of leaders and business men and women globally, committed to helping with achieve great success together.

I always stay on top of industry trends and completely informed of what is taking place in the market that I’m involved with and constantly evolve my personal knowledge in areas that I help to better manage on day-to-day tasks (negotiations, leadership, delegation, online marketing, etc.).

Syncier BioTech

Syncier BioTech offers a wide array of marketing, implementation, and consulting services for leading biotechnology companies and products globally.

Hop2it Exports

A business network of high quality food manufacturers and processors

TBC The Billion Coin

As one of the largest Stakeholders in the World of TBCoin...we want to help folks around the world become wealthy and help eliminate poverty around the world.

Sales Reps Needed

We are looking for sales reps to handle different opportunities.

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My goal is to help families understand that they do not have to spend the rest of their life looking for a JOB, or working for someone else, except to to realize wealth begins with adding additional income models where your money is working for you or Starting a Home-Based business of your own to take control of their own lives and enjoy more freedom to do the things they enjoy, while getting the opportunity to spend more quality time with their family.
On a personal level, I love the outdoors and being in the fresh air in the mountains on a hike, mountain bike ride, exercising or fishing.  I enjoy sports, although do not watch much of them on TV. However, as I’ve entered into my mid 40′s, I also realize the more simple things in life are more important than the material things that we all strive for in working up the corporate ladder, which many feel represents our successes in life. My other passions are music, dancing and social events, and social conversations/events with friends in a non-business atmosphere.